Healthcare Resources: Hematology

Hematology is a branch in the field of internal medicine, pathology, clinical laboratory work, physiology, and pediatrics that deals with the study of blood, blood diseases, and blood producing organs. The field of hematology includes the diagnosis, prognosis, treatment, and prevention of any blood diseases. Many hematologists also further study oncology, the field of medicine dealing with the treatment of cancer.

Red Blood Cells

  • Red Blood Cells – An in-depth article explaining what red blood cells are, including their formation and functions in the body.
  • RBC Count – An explanation of an RBC count, a blood test that tells how many blood cells are in the body.
  • High RBC Count – A definition as well as information on the causes of a high red blood cell count.
  • RBC Functions – Information on the several different types of red blood cells found in the human body.


  • Blood Journal – The website of the Blood Journal, featuring articles on basic and applied hematology research.
  • Hematology – The website of the American Society of Hematology.
  • Hematology Resources – A list of hematology articles split into sections by procedures, disorders, and functions.
  • Blood Disorders – Information from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on a number of different blood disorders.

White Blood Cells

  • WBC Count – An explanation of a WBC count, a blood test that shows the number of white blood cells in the body.
  • White Blood Cells – Information on the five different types of white blood cells found in the human body.
  • WBC Functions – An introduction to white blood cells and the function they serve in the body.
  • WBC Groups – Some information on white blood cells, also known as leukocytes, and their two main groups, granulocytes, and nongranulocytes.

Lymphatic System

  • Lymphatic System – A guide that aides in understanding the lymphatic system and how it works.
  • Lymphatic System Diagram – A diagram showing all the different parts of the lymphatic system and their functions.
  • Immune System – Some information on the body’s immune system, including how the lymphatic system works.
  • Lymphatic Functions – Information on the functions of the lymphatic system and their importance.
  • Lymph Nodes – Information on how lymph nodes work to rid the body of waste products and can warn of an infection.


  • Hemostasis – Information on hemostasis which is the formation on clots to stop or control bleeding.
  • Hemostasis Process – Information on the hemostasis process the body goes through to change blood from a fluid to a solid state.
  • Hemostasis Intro – An introduction to the process of hemostasis including information on the different factors.
  • Hemostatic Agents – Journal entries with information on some of the different hemostatic agents and their wide variety of uses.

Blood Transfusion

  • What Is A Blood Transfusion? – Information explaining blood transfusions from the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute.
  • Transfusion Journal – A blood transfusion journal with articles, alerts, and information on subscription and publishing.
  • Transfusion Procedure – An explanation of the process that occurs during a blood transfusion.